One Semester in


In a few days, I will hit my 6-month mark as a photographer for the University of Central Oklahoma Photo Services department.

I started this job almost immediately after I got back from Dallas. There have been fun days, not so fun days, and slow days, but looking back, I have made a few nice pictures.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the first six months of my job.

_3KB3483 _3KB3526 _3KB4235 _3KB4314 _3LB4454 _3LB4743 _3LB5026 _3LB5101 _3LB5613 _3LB6202 _3LB6255 _3LB6362 _3LB7227 _4AB0228 _4AB0452 _4AB0521 _4AB1176 _4AB1325 _4AB1333 _4AB8242 _4AC2774 _4AC2803 _4BB1899 _4BB2007 _4BB2056 _4BB2150 _4BB2215 _4BB3205 _4BB3866 _4BB4495 _4BB4573 _4BB4700 _4BB4931 _4BB5357 _4BB5413 _4BB5459 _4BB5469 _4BB5575 _4BB6609 _4BB6730 _4BC3389 _4BC3484 _4BC3783 _4BC3913 _4BC3937 _4BC3980 _4CB7412 _4CB7645 _4CB7991 _4CB9232 _4CB9335 _4CB9462 _4CC4873_S _4DB1228 _4DB1692 _4DB1766 _4DB2020 _4DB2151 _4DB2488 _4DB2544 _4DB3155 _4DB3344 _4DB3384 _4DB3513 _4DB3919 _4DB4712 _4DC5064 _4DC5569 _4EB4989_2 _4EB5329 _4EB5381 _4EB5486 _4EB5678 _4EB5913 _4EB5980 _4EB6085 _4EB6681 _4EB6844 _4EC5897


[All photo are ©UCO]